Who We Are

We Are 100% Canadian

Cyhealth.ca is a division of Carmina de Young specializing on the manufacturing of protective wear. Carmina de Young have been designing and producing garments in London, Ontario since 2015. Cyhealth.ca is a line of Canadian-made personal protective equipment (PPE) which serves the needs of our communities and Canadians.

Committed to Our People

Since inception, we have always taken pride in caring about our people. We have a diverse and inclusive culture. We strive to strengthen our local economy with job creation, and supporting domestic production of essential personal protective equipment.

Stewards of the Environment

It is the responsibility of everyone to be stewards of our environment for our future generations. Sustainability is a top priority for us. Our protective products are made of reusable material or recycled material, and our fabric scraps get a second life in other products. One reusable gown can replace the use of many disposable gowns – ultimately a saving of cost and our landfills.